Archa Café

The Archa Cafe is open: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sunday 12:00 to 8:00 p.m.
reservation: tel.: +420 221 716 117, +420 221 716 118
contact: e-mail:, tel.: +420 221 716 111, fax: +420 221 716 666
Na Poříčí 26, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Café Music
Evenings with live music in Archa Café. Various artists from the Archa Theatre repertoire will play and sing in the pleasant surroundings of Archa cafe. Expect some surprises. Please follow the program of the Archa Theatre and notices posted in the café's window!

Saturday, February 8, 7 p.m.
Kateryna Kolcová - Old and New Songs
A friendly gathering with the singer and musician Kateryna Kolcová, who will present her traditional repertoire along with some completely new songs, in the informal setting of the Theatre Café.

The following artists have performed at the café: Feng-Jün Song & Lin Yan, Martin C. Putna, Petra Cikánová & Michaela Kabátníková, Kateryna Kolcová

Archa Café

Archa Café
Photo (c) Pavel Štecha

You Feel Like Fish in an Aquarium at the Archa
A visitor to the Archa Café perhaps does not realise that he is drinking his coffee in a place which contains such a rich history. In the place that is today the Archa Theatre, the theatres D34 and later E.F. Burian once resided. The project of the functionalist bank palace, which also contained the theatre space, was designed in the 30's by architect František Mareš, a student of Josef Gočár. The project was realized according to the expansion of the adjacent building, the Legiobank. The interior of the Archa Theatre, whose appearance is similar to that of the Café, is considered by many to be one of the most modern theatre spaces we have in the Twentieth century. Another way that the café is connected to the theatre is that one of the tables in the upper level is reserved by the Archa Theatre employees.
For those who are not interested in architecture, the Archa reminds one of a large aquarium. All walls, except the back wall where the bar is located, are made from glass. For the guests, this creates an opportunity to watch the comings and goings on the busy street outside. Inside, the guests are in for still another surprise - there are actually two cafés, one above the other. Both have practically the same decor, the same prices, but nonetheless, they are both different. The primary difference is their atmosphere. People from the street - entrepreneurs leaving their business meetings, families, students and seniors - visit the lower level. They usually don't linger here very long - they drink their coffee, eat cake, chat and leave. The atmosphere also is very simple with its furnishings... The lone table in the passage under the staircase is an advantage for those who have just quarreled with their girlfriend or boyfriend.
When one is on the staircase, he finds himself on a journey to another world. When you enter the upper part of the café, you acquire a distance from the busy street and suddenly you are in a solitary oasis of little metals tables and chairs, low hanging lamps and a calm atmosphere. For this reason, most people stay here very late. The greatest rarity one can find in this level is located above the bar: framed autographs of such famous personalities Václav Havel, David Byrne or Siouxie Sioux. Through the square opening in the middle of the floor, one can watch the activities of the lower level. One can also borrow newspapers and magazines from atop the bars.
The toilets are situated non-traditionally - they are completely hidden away from both places, in the basement of the theatre. The key to them can be borrowed from the bar, and as a rule they are very clean.
Lída Holmerová, Petr Kolář
MF Dnes, 26. 5. 1999