Membership benefits

One membership - multiple benefits

-    As a member of RAS/ART you'll get a 90% discount off admission fees at Galerie Rudolfinum and a 10% discount off admission fees at the Archa Theatre.

-    Complementary programmes for exhibitions in the Galerie Rudolfinum and seminars in the Archa Theatre are available for all RAS/ART members.

-    You'll receive a 10% discount on selected books in the Galerie Rudolfinum and on specially marked goods in the Archa Theatre shop.

-    The Archa Theatre's and Galerie Rudolfinum's programs will be sent you regularly by mail or e-mail.

-    At the the Archa Theatre's box office you'll enjoy the special right to reserve tickets any time up to one hour before the performance starts.

-    You'll get free programmes to all Archa Theatre performances which are RAS/ART events.

-    For all exhibitions at the Galerie Rudolfinum you will receive informative materials free of charge by mail or e-mail.

-    At the Archa Theatre bar and café you'll enjoy a 10% discount on all drinks.

-    As a RAS/ART member you'll receive a newsletter and RAS/ART programme each month. This publication includes detailed information on individual projects, topical information from RAS/ART partners, etc.

-    Backstage visits at the Archa Theatre on selected projects, plus access to selected projects' rehearsals.

-    Additionally, you'll receive a number of membership benefits from RAS/ART Club partners.


-    Your membership card is transferable.

-    At the Archa Theatre you can use your card for one ticket per performance.

-    At the Galerie Rudolfinum the card can be used for three visits to each exhibition.

-    The annual membership fee is CZK 300.


If you are interested in closer contact with both institutions and in contributing to their activity in person, join RAS/ART as VIP members. The VIP programme includes all benefits of the basic membership listed above and many others which you can offer your friends, family and business partners.

-    As VIP member of RAS/ART you'll get free tickets for two to all projects at Galerie Rudolfinum and 20% discount on admission for two to selected projects at the Archa Theatre.

-    You'll receive invitations to all exhibition openings at Galerie Rudolfinum.

-    You will receive invitations to all opening nights at the the Archa Theatre.

-    Other membership VIP benefits will be offered to you based on the level of your contribution.

For more details about VIP membership please contact us:
Archa Theatre - e-mail.:,
tel.: 221 716 333, fax: 221 716 666
Galerie Rudolfinum - e-mail:,
tel.: 02/24 89 33 46, fax: 02/22 31 92 93.